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June 7th

Without Gravity

Photo : Photo courtesy of John Wilhelm www.1x.com

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Without Gravity

Without Gravity

Question time!

What does the word ‘perplexed’ mean?

Why are the scientists huddling around a machine?

Why is their laboratory underground?

What do they do in their laboratory?

Do you think anyone knows about it?

Why might they be in ‘BIG’ trouble this time?

What is happening in the picture?

Do you think this is just happening in their home?

Perfect picture!

Imagine the same thing was happening in your classroom! Can you draw what it would look like?

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Story starter!

The scientists huddled around the machine looking perplexed. Their laboratory was buried deep underground, away from prying eyes. Usually their experiments went completely unnoticed, apart from the occasional smell of sulphur or waft of grey smoke that made its way to the surface, but this particular experiment would certainly not avoid the headlines… They were in BIG trouble...

Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of verbs that could replace ‘went’ in my sentences below?

The girl went across the room.

Can you add an adverb to this sentence?

Can you use the adverb in a different place?

Can you improve the sentence in any other way?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Something bad had happened. Something had gone wrong. Objects started going around the room. The girls started going around the room.

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