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October 9th

Winter is coming…

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Johansson

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Winter is coming…

Winter is coming…

Question time!

Scientists have proven that the Polar ice-caps are melting. Many people believe this is down to global warming. Others believe it is caused by a natural change in the Earth’s temperature, part of a temperature cycle that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. Which do you think is true? Regardless of the answer, do you think we should be concerned about global warming?

Perfect picture!

Do you prefer winter or summer? Can you draw a picture of your perfect day in summer or winter?

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Story starter!

One half of the world was everlasting summer. One half of the world was perpetual winter.

In Summerland birds sang happily in the trees as the glorious sun beat down upon the blissful inhabitants, in a dream-like existence of utter perfection.

In Winterland frost hung down from the skeletal trees like mirthless fangs, the unsympathetic snow punishing all life like a merciless god.

Stitch by stitch the Lady of Winterland worked tirelessly; growing the borders, furthering the boundaries, extending the wrath of the cold, inch by frozen inch.

Winter was coming…

Sentence challenge!

Metaphors and Similes are fantastic ways of vividly describing things to the reader. Can you find any in the writing above? Can you use some in your writing today?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need your help to get better!

The lady had blond hair. The lady held the needle. The lady knelt down and started to sew.

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