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February 7th


Photo : Photo courtesy of One Big Photo

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Question time!

What do you think it means by ‘nature taking its revenge’?

What do you think is the most dangerous part of a volcano?

Do you know of any active volcanoes around the world?

Do you know what causes a volcano to erupt?

There is a famous volcano called Vesuvius, which erupted in Roman times to destroy the citizens of Pompeii. How do you think people felt thousands of years ago when they saw a volcanic eruption? How do you think people explained where the lava came from? Remember, people used to think the Earth was flat!

Perfect picture!

Can you draw your own volcanic eruption? You could label it with some adjectives or even sentences to describe what is happening.

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Story starter!

It was the moment they had been dreading for decades: the volcano had finally erupted. The earth shook, as torrents of golden death cascaded over the helpless landscape. Clouds of ash swarmed over the countryside, enveloping everything in their path. Chaos reigned as the beast that had been sleeping for years, now awoken, smote his fury upon the world.

In the distance a flash of silvery lightning licked across the sky: a snake’s forked tongue lashing out in fury to strike its prey. The world was on fire. It was natures turn to take its revenge.

Can you write your own description/short story about the volcanic eruption?

Can you include personification and metaphors?

Sentence challenge!

Verbs are action/doing words.

Which sentence(s) contains two verbs?

The volcano erupted an oozing, orange lava.

Lava exploded out of the volcano, bubbling over the landscape.

A streak of lightning shot across the sky.

The ash-cloud shot over the land, rising high up into the sky.

Can you use interesting verbs in your writing today? How about some of these:

shot dashed exploded erupted crept bubbled frothed oozed smashed smothered

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

Lava went over the ground. There was lightning in the sky. It was a scary sight.

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