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June 11th

View from the cockpit

Photo : Photo courtesy of Karim Nafatni

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View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit

Question time!

Have you ever been on a plane? If so, can you describe what it feels like?

If you have not, can you use your imagination to describe what it might be like?

What other modes of transport have you been on? Which was your favourite/least favourite?

Is there a mode of transport you would like to experience in the future?

How do you think the world was different before flying was invented?

How do you think transport will change in the future?

Perfect picture!

Can you design your own mode of transport? It could be used in the past, present or future.

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Story starter!

“There is no better feeling in the world than being up here” the pilot thought to himself. He pressed a series of buttons, ensuring the aircraft was on the right course, and sat back in his seat to enjoy the view. The sight that met his eyes never ceased to amaze him, no matter how many times he had done this flight…

Can you describe what you could see if you looked out of the cockpit window?

Alternatively, you could write a description of what it feels like to fly?

You could even write a story in the first person as the plane itself, embarking on an exciting journey.

Sentence challenge!

Verbs are action/doing words.

Which sentence(s) contains two verbs?

The plane roared across the sky.

The pilot took a deep breath and pushed down on the throttle.

He glanced around him at the beautiful view.

The shone shone brightly at him and he squinted back at it.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The plane went through the sky. There were clouds below. The sun came up. The captain pushed a button.

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