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October 23rd

Tundra Town

Photo : Photo courtesy of Undercurrent -32, Deviant Art

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Tundra Town

Tundra Town

Question time!

Who are the travellers?

Where have they come from?

How have they made the journey?

What is the place they have come to?

Have the travellers been here before?

What will happen now that they have arrived?

Perfect picture!

Can you design your own house that would be suitable to be built in a very snowy place?

Think about a name for your house, and the materials you might need to build it. You could label the picture, and even produce a poster or leaflet telling people about it.

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Story starter!

They had travelled so far to see this place. Their journey had not been easy; she hoped it had been worth it.

Can you continue the story? Try to describe the setting in great detail.

Sentence challenge!

Make a list of nouns you can see in the picture.

Make a list of adjectives to describe those nouns.

Make a list of verbs to describe what the nouns in the picture are doing.

Can you make a sentence using at least 1 verb, noun and adjective from your lists?

Can you add an adverb to your sentence?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The houses were big and red. They were really big and had smoke coming from them. The girl stood in the snow. She was happy. She was tired.

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