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August 3rd

Trapping the sun

Photo : Photo courtesy of Cristina Ramos

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Trapping the sun

Trapping the sun

Question time!

What has the woman used to catch the sun?

How has she managed to trap it?

What is she doing in the picture?

What will she do with the sun now?

Where do you think here home is?

What would happen to the earth if we were further away/closer to the sun?

Why do we need the sun?

How do humans use the sun?

How do plants use the sun?

What would happen if the sun died?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture showing why the sun is important to us?

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Story starter!

She had finally done it. She had trapped the sun...

Sentence challenge!

Can you use similes or metaphors to describe the picture?

You could focus on describing the following things:








Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The woman pulled the sun across a field. It was cold. She wore a coat.

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