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October 2nd

The House in the Rainforest

Photo : Photo courtesy of the Eden Project

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The House in the Rainforest

The house in the Rainforest

Question time!

Do you think the house in the image is actually in the Malaysian rainforest? Give evidence to support your answer.

Which continent is Malaysia in?

If you were to stumble into the Malaysian rainforest, what plants and flowers might you come across? Name at least three examples with a description.

Malaysian rainforests support a vast diversity of plant and animal life. Name three creatures you might come across.

Who might live in a house like this? Explain your answer.

Living in this house in the rainforest would be very different to living in a house in a city. Give three examples of how it would be different.

If you lived in the Malaysian rainforest, what might a typical day be like for you and your family?

Perfect picture!

We cannot see the inside of the house. Draw what you think it would look like inside.

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Story starter!

Hidden deep in the Malaysian rainforest, is a house. Not an ordinary house of course…

Sentence challenge!

Using the passive and active voice.

Eg. Passive voice

The house, which is hidden deep in the Malaysian Rainforest, is surrounded by luscious, green plants.

Active voice

Luscious, green plants surround the house, which is hidden deep in the Malaysian Rainforest.

Write three of your own sentences about this image using the passive and active voice.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need your help to get better!

There is a house. It is in the rainforest. There are plants. There are flowers.

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