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January 13th

The Tsunami

Photo : Photo courtesy of Jokerry

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The Tsunami

The Tsunami

Question time!

Who do you think the man is and why is he there?

How do you think the people who are in the vehicles are feeling at this point and why?

If you were in one of those cars, what do you think you would do?

Imagine you are on the telephone to the emergency services. Can you describe what is happening?

Perfect picture!

The sea is filled with marine life. Draw what you think the people in the cars might see in the middle of the sea.

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Story starter!

It was that time again… Our annual surfing trip to Devon. While my parents packed up the suitcases and loaded up the car for the long journey ahead, we chatted excitedly about what an incredible holiday this was going to be!

Not too long into the journey, the beautifully clear, blue sky became dark and ominous. All of a sudden, crashing towards the long line of traffic, was a colossal wave – not the kind you’d want to catch on a board either…

Desperately, people raced wildly out of their cars, running, screaming and panicking yet as I looked to my left, I saw a man…

Sentence challenge!

A complex sentence must contain a subordinate clause. This is a clause that doesn’t make sense on its own.

E.g. Although the man had miraculously managed to prevent the waves from crashing down onto the people, they were still extremely frightened!

Write a complex sentence of your own and underline your subordinate clause.

Try starting your sentence with:

As While When If

Even though

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

the waves fought against the man. he stood still. he waved his staff.

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