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October 29th

The Tallest Tree

Photo : Photo courtesy of Katherina Jung

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The Tallest Tree

The Tallest Tree

Question time!

Why are trees so important to the Earth?

If you had magical powers what would you wish for/change?

Why is the girl dressed all in white in the picture?

Perfect picture!

What do you think the tree will look like in a year’s time? Could you draw it?

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Story starter!

WHOOSH! BANG! With a startled scream the birds fled across the dull, stormy sky, their former hunting ground now marked by another towering tree. Standing slightly to the right of the tree, an elf - like girl, clad all in white, quietly finished muttering her incantation. Pleased at yet another mighty structure adorning the barren landscape, she dreamed of the day when trees once again covered the planet. Plants, oxygen and then finally… life.

Sentence challenge!

Can you use alliteration in your writing?

e.g. Steadily, the tall, tatty tree rose towards the sky.

Wandering through the dark, dull lands, she muttered miserably to herself.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The tall tree grew very tall above the little girl. The girl was very scared

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