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August 4th

The Sky Journey

Photo : Photo courtesy of Caras Ionut

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The Sky Journey

The Sky Journey

Question time!

Can you continue the story about the flying ship?

Alternatively, you could write a diary about life on board the vessel

You could even design your own flying machine, creating a set of instructions about how to build it, or an explanation text about how it works.

What colour are clouds? Why are some clouds different?

If we could all fly, how would the world be different?

What causes clouds? Can you make a cloud disappear?

Do clouds weigh anything? Can you measure a cloud?

Perfect picture!

Imagine the sky is full of ships, cars, trains and other types of transport that normally travel on the ground. Think about what this would look like. Draw or write down what you have imagined.

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Story starter!

It had seemed like an ordinary boat trip to Sam as they made their way across the calm waters of the lake. He had become slightly concerned when they seemed to be picking up considerable speed, causing waves to crash into the shore. The engine coughed, spluttered and groaned, before giving an almighty roar, sending the boat hurtling over the water…

Soon after, Sam could not believe his eyes as they plunged through the fluffy, white clouds. Confused seagulls whizzed past his head, and they had almost collided with a jumbo jet full of passengers on their way to getting a sun tan in Spain.

Sam felt exhilarated, but he had a sneaky feeling things were about to get even more exciting…

Sentence challenge!

Circle the article(s) in each sentence below.

After the journey they all went home.

We saw a magnificent ship.

Eating an apple during the flight wasn’t a good idea.

Can you identify the articles you have used in your writing today?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The flying ship went through the clouds. Sam felt scared on the ship.

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