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April 30th

The Piano

Photo : Photo courtesy of www.1x.com Matteo Musetti

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The Piano

The Piano

Question time!

What events have occurred over the ‘last few years’?

Why has nobody played the piano for so long?

What kind of building does the piano live in?

What has happened to the people that used to play the piano here?

What has happened to the audiences that came to listen to the piano?

What kind of people came to listen?

Who was the last person to play this piano?

Will it be played again?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of the last person to play the piano?

Can you draw a picture of the person who will play it next?

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Story starter!

For many years now the piano had stood in silence, like a tombstone in a graveyard, surrounded by echoes, memories of the past.

What things the piano had witnessed! Glorious concerts that delighted the countless ladies and gentleman that dressed up in their finery and flooded into the concert hall: a wave of laughter and joy. Oh, how the piano had shone under the lights! Oh how its keys had sung the most beautiful melodies, bathing the audiences in the movements of Chopin and Beethoven performed with angelic perfection!

Now, everything was different. The events of the last few years had seen to that…

Sentence challenge!

Think about what the piano looked like before and after ‘the events of the last few years’.

Can you write a description of the piano before and after?

Think carefully about its appearance and how it might have changed.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?

The piano used to be beautiful. It was black and shiny. It used to look happy. Now it is not. Now it looks sad. It is dusty. Nobody plays it.

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