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July 5th

The Miniature Castle

Photo : Photo courtesy of Sean J Yan

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The Miniature Castle

The Miniature Castle

Question time!

How long has the castle been in the woods?

Who lives there?

Why is the castle so much smaller than the forest?

Why would the inhabitants choose to live here?

Is it better to be the biggest or the smallest?

Perfect picture!

Imagine the tiny castle was one of many in the forest. Can you draw a picture of the other buildings in the miniature town?

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Story starter!

Hidden behind the maze of branches stood a miniscule, enchanted castle. It was so easy to miss among the towering trees. Only the truly lucky noticed the tiny turrets; only the truly brave dared to look inside…

I tip-toed slowly through the forest, leaves and twigs crunching beneath my feet as I edged closer and closer. I could make out the tiny details, seeing tiny faces appear at the windows. My heart pounded in my chest…

Can you continue the story of the miniature castle? You could continue it in the first person, or change it to the third person. Think about how you would feel as you approached the castle, and what might be inside.

Sentence challenge!

Choose the appropriate punctuation for the following sentences.

! ? .

Wow This is the most exciting day ever

Have you ever seen anything like this before

I looked through the tiny windows

Can you now use all of this punctuation in your writing today?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?

The small castle was between the trees. The trees were much bigger. The castle had turrets and ramparts.

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