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August 2nd

The Magic Globe

Photo : Photo courtesy of Javier Senosiain

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The Magic Globe

The Magic Globe

Question time!

In what way is the globe magical?

Where do you think the brothers have pointed to?

Why is the globe glowing?

What will happen next?

What do we know about their last adventure?

What do you think will happen this time?

How will they return home, do you think?

Which of the brothers is Max?

Who is in charge on their adventure?

If you had a magic globe, where would you go first?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of where the boys have ended up after the magic has happened?

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Story starter!

“Hmmm. Where shall we go this time?” Jeremy asked his brother.

“How about there!?” replied Max excitedly. “We’ve always talked about going there!”

The brothers both put their fingers on the part of the world they had chosen, and waited for the magic to happen.

“I wonder if it will be as fun as our last trip,” mused Jeremy, as the globe began to glow…

Sentence challenge!

Look at the way I have used dialogue in the story starter.

Can you think of things the boys might be saying to each other?

Can you write down the dialogue they have had?

Remember to use inverted commas/speech marks, and to start a new line for a new speaker.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The boys talked. The light was off in their room. They put their fingers on the globe. Something happened.

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