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January 8th

The little girl and the red balloon.

Photo : Photo courtesy of Banksy,

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The little girl and the red balloon.

The little girl and the red balloon.

Question time!

Why do you think the balloon is red, where the rest of the drawing is black and white?

Who is the little girl, and why is she releasing the balloon?

What could have happened to the girl? Do you think the balloon symbolises anything?

How does this compare to other graffiti you have seen?

Do you think graffiti should be illegal?

Where do you think this photograph was taken?

Why do you think the artist created it?

Perfect picture!

Can you design a piece of graffiti that you could do in school? Remember: it has to be something that people will enjoy, and that your Headteacher would approve of!

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Story starter!

In a world where everything seemed black and white, it brought colour. In a world where things were often bleak, it brought joy.

The drawing of a girl’s outstretched fingers pointed at the red balloon as it floated skywards.

Many years ago a real girl had held a real balloon, releasing it into the sky as she hoped her dreams and prayers would be answered. Now, her image and memory were etched on the very walls behind the spot where she once stood.

Her story, and that of the red balloon, would be told for many generations to come…

Can you tell the story of the little girl and the red balloon?

Sentence challenge!

Fronted adverbials

A fronted adverbial goes at the beginning of a sentence.

It describes the verb in the sentence.

It describes where, when and how.

E.g. For many years, the world she lived in had seemed miserable and grey.

As she watched the balloon soaring upwards, a glimmer of hope sparked inside her.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

The balloon went up. She felt hopeful. Her hand pointed towards the balloon.

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