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October 12th

The King of Winter

Photo : Photo courtesy of Flew Designs

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The King of Winter

The King of Winter

Question time!

Can you describe the icy world? Is the King evil or does he have no control over his powers?

Will the world ever return to summer again? Who/what will put a stop to winter?

Do polar bears and penguins get cold?

If there was no snow in the world, who would be affected?

How would you survive living in the North Pole?

What is the biggest threat to polar bears?

Perfect picture!

Do you prefer the summer or the winter? Draw or describe your favourite type of weather.

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Story starter!

The Winter King strolled confidently through the river of ice. This was HIS domain. Here, it was always winter.

This used to be a place of happiness; beams of sunlight would streak down through the trees, pouring warmth onto the forest floor. Birds would sing happily from their nests, fish would swim in the warm waters of the stream and beautiful flowers would burst out of the soft earth. Now, all of that had disappeared, having retreated from this new age of cold.

Wherever he went, the cold followed him. Frost flowed from his fingertips, snow formed around his feet and his cold stare turned all life into statues of solid ice.

Summer was trapped under his spell. Would the world ever experience warmth again?

Sentence challenge!

Which are the adverbs in the sentences below?

Confidently, he walked through the cold forest. He paused briefly and looked at the white polar bear.

Can you use adverbs in your writing today?

Sick sentences!

This sentence is ‘sick’ and needs help to get better. Can you help?

the King walked through the forest snow fell from the sky onto the ground?

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