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February 12th

The Journey

Photo : Photo courtesy of Caras Ionut

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The Journey

The Journey

Question time!

Who do you think is in the hot air balloon in the distance?

Where do you think they are going on their journey?

If you could only take 10 items with you on the journey, what would they be?

What would happen if a hot air balloon just kept going up and up?

Perfect picture!

Imagine you can see the whole of the hot air balloon. Draw/describe what it looks like. You could then design your own hot air balloon.

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Story starter!

This was it! The start of her adventure!

The parrot landed gracefully on her hand, his claws gently nipping the skin on her index finger. She felt the basket lurch, so she placed her hand on the cushioned rail to steady herself. The sun had been shining on it and it felt warm. A smile crept across her wind-swept face as she thought about the excitement that lay ahead. This was to be a memorable trip…

Can you continue the story? Where do you think they are going? Is there anybody else in the basket with her? Who is in the balloon in front? Is the parrot just an ordinary bird?

Sentence challenge!

Can you write a sentence that uses an apostrophe for omission?

E.g. cannot = can’t I have = I’ve he will= he’ll she is= she’s we have= we’ve will not = won’t

Can you write a sentence that uses an apostrophe for possession?

E.g. Alice’s heart Alice’s hair Alice’s face Alice’s arms

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The hot air balloon went through the clouds. The parrot flew through the sky and landed on her hand.

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