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April 25th

The Great Race

Photo : Photo courtesy of Caras Ionut,

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The Great Race

The Great Race

Question time!

What do you think it would feel like to ride an ostrich?

How do you think the ostrich feels about being ridden?

What top-tips would you give Emma to help her win the race?

How do you think riding an ostrich would be different from riding a horse?

What thoughts do you thing are going through Emma’s mind?

Perfect picture!

Imagine you can see through Emma’s eyes. What can she see behind her? Draw/describe what you have imagined

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Story starter!

She turned in the saddle and looked behind her. Emma could see the others gaining on her.

Digging in her heels, she whispered some words of encouragement in the ostrich’s ears as it burst into full speed. They were making good time, but there was so far still to go…

Can you continue the story? Who is chasing Emma? Is this a race or is she on another adventure?

Sentence challenge!

Choose the appropriate punctuation for the following sentences.

! ? .

Stop You’re going too fast

Am I going to make it to the finish line?

She told herself that it was going to be fine

Can you use all of these pieces of punctuation in your own writing?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The ostrich pointed its neck forward and ruffled its feathers. Together they went across the ground.

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