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November 1st

The Dare

Photo : Photo courtesy of Fiddleoak

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The Dare

The Dare

Question time!

What will happen after midnight?

Why do some people do stupid things when they’re ‘dared’ to do so?

Would you ever do something silly to impress your friends?

Is it good to be a daring person?

Perfect picture!

Look at pictures of fast moving people and objects. How can you tell they’re moving quickly? What artistic techniques can be used to draw them? Have a go!

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Story starter!

“Go on, I dare you!” Ralph muttered boisterously across the table to Harry, with a grin etched across his mischievous face. “Go on, Harry, rub the magic coin!”

“Ha! Don’t be so silly! There’s no way that rubbing a stupid, old coin will make me shrink!” Harry laughed, as he picked up the coin and started rubbing it vigorously. “You see! Nothing!” he announced, pointing at his friend.

Later that evening, the dare was long forgotten, forgotten until midnight when everything changed…

Sentence challenge!

Can you identify the main clauses in each of the following sentences:

Because of the rain, the paper became wet.

I accepted the dare from my brother, who is incredibly reckless.

The dare, which seemed a lot of fun, could prove to be dangerous.

Sick sentences!

This sentence is ‘sick’ and needs help to get better. Can you help?

He went very very fast and flew through the air.

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