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January 3rd

The Clocktower

Photo : Photo courtesy of Caras Ionut

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The Clocktower

The Clocktower

Question time!

What is the significance of the clocktower? Is there someone inside?

What does 'the fateful hour' mean? What is it that the crowd are waiting for?

What does the word 'expectant' tell you about how the crowd are feeling?

What will happen when 'the fateful hour' arrives?

Why does only one person carry a red umbrella?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw what might happen when 'the fateful hour' arrives?

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Story starter!

They had been waiting outside the clocktower all day. Soon, it would be time.

The cloud spat bullets of rain down upon the expectant crowd, before the droplets bounced off the taut canopies of the hundreds of umbrellas that flooded the cobbled square.

Eager eyes became glued to the long, black hands of the clock face. They seemed to be moving in slow motion, as if reluctant to reach the fateful hour; the fateful hour which would determine all their fates...

Sentence challenge!

Can you use similes to describe the scene?

The rain poured down like...

The closely packed umbrellas looked like...

The red umbrella stood out like...

The ferules of the umbrellas stood up like...

Sick sentences!

These sentences are 'sick' and need your help to get better.

It was raining. People stood in the rain with their umbrellas. The clocktower stood nearby.

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