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June 13th

The Artist

Photo : Photo courtesy of Ramon Bruin

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The Artist

The Artist

Question time!

Can you continue the story of George’s ship coming to life?

What will he do with the ship now that it has magically appeared?

‘He loved this moment, seeing his creations come to life’. The story starter refers to George’s creations in the plural. What does this tell you?

What other drawings might George have done in the past? Where are they now?

If you could draw anything (knowing it would come to life) what would you draw?

What was George’s magic word?

Perfect picture!

Imagine you have George’s powers. Can you draw something that you’d like to come to life?

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Story starter!

He had been working on the drawing for hours, locked away in complete silence in his study, letting his imagination run wild. The only sound that could be heard was the soothing scratching of his pencil on the textured paper.

When he had finished, George stood up and took a step back, proud of the work he had done. He was an extraordinary artist, more extraordinary than any other artist in the entire world!

As George spoke the magic word, the ship’s sails started to flutter as if a strong breeze blew through the room. He loved this moment, seeing his creations come to life...

Sentence challenge!

‘the soothing scratching of his pencil’ is an example of alliteration. Can you use some alliteration to improve this sentence?

The ship went across the sea.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

George drew a picture. It was a ship.

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