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March 27th

Superman’s dilemma

Photo : Photo courtesy of Ian Pool,

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Superman’s dilemma

Superman’s dilemma

Question time!

What is a dilemma?

What is the dilemma that Superman faces?

If Superman sees someone in danger, but feels exhausted and decides to go home instead, do you think he would feel guilty?

If you are in the playground and you see somebody being bullied, should you do something to help? If you don’t do anything to help, have you made a bad decision? Should you feel guilty?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw Superman carrying out a spectacular act to save someone’s life?

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Story starter!

Despite being an incredibly brave, strong, life–saving phenomenon, even Superman had problems. He still loved his job; he still loved saving lives. Today he had already prevented many catastrophes, flying after a jumbo jet full of passengers that had been plummeting towards the earth at tremendous speed. Just before lunch, Superman had swooped in front of a moving truck to save a lost kitten. However, now…Superman needed help. He picked up his phone and began to dial…

Can you continue the story about Superman’s dilemma? What could his problem be? Who might he be calling for help?

Sentence challenge!

A parenthesis is a word or a phrase put into a sentence to give it more information.

Sometimes a parenthesis is in italics, sometimes it is in (brackets), sometimes there is a dash – and sometimes it has ‘inverted commas’ around it.

Parentheses are used to:

Explain what a difficult word means.

Show someone’s thoughts

Add extra information to help the reader

Emphasise a point

Can you use brackets to add extra information?

E.g. His cape (which was glossy and red) was bulletproof.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

Superman stood in the street. He was wearing a blue suits. He had a red capes and red boots. He had just got a messages.

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