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March 10th

Solitary Existence

Photo : Photo courtesy of Irene Becker, One Big Photo

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Solitary Existence

Solitary Existence

Question time!

Why do you think Ben is smiling?

What can you deduce about Ben’s previous life in the city?

How is his life different now?

What does the title ‘solitary existence’ mean?

Which of Ben’s two life experiences would you prefer?

How does Ben travel across the lake?

How does he spend his days?

Where does Ben get his food from?

What does he have inside his house?

Perfect picture!

Can your drawn your perfect house? Think not only about what it looks like and contains, but where it is situated.

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Story starter!

Six months earlier, Ben had lived in the city. Life had been busy; a constant buzz of people and traffic. In some ways, living in the city had been comforting, as if he was part of an urban family, a melting pot of people of all ages and all walks of life. However, Ben had tired of that life; it was now time for a change of direction.

Standing on his porch, Ben drew breath. As the clean, cool air filled his lungs, a smile spread across his face…

Can you continue the story?

Sentence challenge!

Look at each of the simple sentences below. Can you add a subordinate clause to extend them? Remember, you’ll need to use a conjunction like ‘and’ or ‘so’ or ‘but’.

A small wave rippled across the tranquil water.

It had been raining all morning.

Ben enjoyed living here.

He had grown tired of living in the busy city.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The house sat on a rock in the middle of a lake. Trees surrounded the lake. Ben dived into the water.

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