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September 16th

Raining Diamonds

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Johansson

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Raining Diamonds

Raining Diamonds

Question time!

Where do you think this diamond has come from?

Are there more where this one came from?

How do you think people will react to seeing the diamond?

How important do you think wealth is?

If people have more money, does it mean they are happier?

Perfect picture!

Think about what people might do when they discover this diamond. How might they move it? What might it be used for? Try and draw what you have imagined.

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Story starter!

It blazed across the sky like a shooting star, lighting up the countryside for miles around, trailing behind it a tail of brilliant blue light. People gazed nervously out of their bedroom windows, marvelling at the beautiful and mysterious object hurtling by.

In the morning, as the dust began to settle, it became clear what had fallen from the heavens… The diamond was vast! It was the size of a fully grown, adult blue whale. Glistening in the morning sunlight, the diamond reflected powerful beams of blinding light in all directions like a lighthouse.

Crowds began to gather…

Sentence challenge!

Can you write a sentence that uses two adjectives before a noun? Can you use a comma to separate the adjectives (because they are in a list)?

e.g. The beautiful, glistening diamond crashed into the soft, muddy field.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need to be made better. Can you help?

The diamond was big. It flew through the sky and crashed. The sun shone on it.

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