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March 31st

Queen Bee

Photo : Photo courtesy of Karen Alsop,

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Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Question time!

Who is the Queen Bee and what are her intentions?

What is the significance of the cage?

Who are the other bees in the picture?

Will they transform as well?

Will the Queen Bee stay in the forest?

What will happen when the bees come across people?

Are these ordinary bees?

Perfect picture!

Now that the Queen Bee has transformed, she will have to find/make a new home. Can you draw what you imagine it to look like? Will the other bees live with her?

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Story starter!

It was late into the evening when the magic happened.

The forest was the perfect place for a story to unfold. A sense of mystery filled the secluded wood, as a swirling, grey fog mischievously crept its way between the trees.

After days of waiting, her transformation was complete. The Queen Bee held one of her many children in her outstretched hand; the moment she’d been waiting for had finally arrived…

Can you continue the story of the Queen Bee?

Sentence challenge!

‘ a swirling, grey fog mischievously crept its way between the trees’ is an example of personification. Can you explain why?

Can you use personification in your writing?

Consider using it to describe the trees, fog, moss or the wind.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The forest was foggy. It was filled with the sound of bees. The bees went around.

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