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November 10th

Lost and Found

Photo : Photo courtesy of Randy Olson, One Big Photo

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Question time!

What feelings do you think the divers are experiencing?

Where do you think the stone giants came from? Why do you think they are now at the bottom of the sea?

Do you think the divers should leave the stone giants where they are, or put them in a museum?

What do you think is about to happen in the picture?

Perfect picture!

Imagine you are one of the divers making the discovery. What else will you find buried underneath the sand? Draw or describe what you have imagined.

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Story starter!

For hundreds of years they had been sleeping.

The ocean had been their home since that terrible day, when they had been banished to this prison of endless ocean.

Now that they had been rediscovered, the time for waiting was at an end. The divers were shocked when they saw the colossal, stone giants begin to stir in the water. It was time…

Sentence challenge!

Write one of these conjunctions in each space to complete the sentences. Use each word once.

because however and

The sea in front of him was beautiful, _____________ something wasn’t quite right. The diver ____________ and his friends were curious ____________ nothing as strange as this had been discovered for hundreds of years.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The diver went through the water. He saw a figure in front of him in the sand.

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