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June 25th


Photo : Photo courtesy of Bragl Inglbergsson

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Question time!

How might the Smith family’s lives different to the lives of the people on the mainland?

Would you rather live here or on the mainland?

What do you think it means by ‘nature’s offerings’?

What do you think the weather is like up here?

Do you think there are places like this in Britain?

How long do you think this house has been standing here for?

Why do the Smiths choose to live here do you think?

Perfect picture!

What might a typical day look like for the Smith family?

Can you draw a series of pictures that demonstrate what the family get up to on a typical day?

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Story starter!

Many people from the mainland thought the Smiths were a strange family.

Sure, life out here on the island was very different. For a start, they didn’t get their groceries from a supermarket, or visit the local pizza restaurant on a Friday night for a treat!

The weather up here could often be quite dramatic, even frightening. They frequently felt like the world was against them, yet they somehow found a way to harness nature’s offerings.

It may be far from what most people would call ‘civilisation’, but it suited the Smiths just fine…

Sentence challenge!

Can you place the missing bracket in the sentence below?

The Smith family (who liked to keep themselves to themselves had been living here for generations.

Can you write a sentence containing brackets?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?

There was a house by the lake. The house had grass growing on it. It had stone walls. The lake was grey. The clouds were grey.

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