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March 20th

Giant Tennis

Photo : Photo courtesy of Adrian Sommeling

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Giant Tennis

Giant Tennis

Question time!

Who do you think the boy is playing tennis with?

How do you think the boy has grown so large?

Where did he come from?

What will happen when he hits the ball?

How far away do you think his partner is stood?

Are they hitting the ball over a net?

What city can you see in the background?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw what might happen next (after the boy has hit the ball)?

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Story starter!

It was the greatest match the world had ever seen! The boy’s colossal legs waded through the water, sending shockwaves through the city engulfed in shadow. With a loud grunt, the enormous child lunged towards the sun, ready to take the shot…

Can you continue the story of the giant tennis match?

Sentence challenge!

A parenthesis is a word or a phrase put into a sentence to give it more information.

Sometimes a parenthesis is in italics, sometimes it is in (brackets), sometimes there is a dash – and sometimes it has ‘inverted commas’ around it.

Parentheses are used to:

Explain what a difficult word means.

Show someone’s thoughts

Add extra information to help the reader

Emphasise a point

Can you use brackets to add extra information?

E.g. The ball (which was actually the sun) shot across the evening sky.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?

The big giant brought down his racket. He hit the ball. It went across the sky.

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