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November 25th

Forest Family

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Almas

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Forest Family

Forest Family

Question time!

Why do you think the family moved to the forest?

Who are the different family members?

What do you think their roles are in the forest?

In what way might they have changed?

Where do you think they sleep?

How do they survive?

What do you think the man is carrying in his bag?

Perfect picture!

Can you design the perfect tree house to be constructed in the forest for the family to live in?

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Story starter!

It had all gone wrong at home. That was why they had left and moved to the forest.

They had now been living here amongst the trees and ferns and tumbling streams for years. They had lived here for so long that in many ways they had changed completely. In many ways they had become part of the forest...

Sentence challenge!

Living in the forest is probably both scary and fun.

Can you think of synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning) for fun and scary?

Can you think of antonyms (words with opposite meanings) for fun and scary?

Can you use some of the words you have thought of in your writing today?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better.

The man stood next to a tree. He wore a hat and a jacket. In his hand he carried a stick.

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