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November 5th

Flying High

Photo : Photo courtesy of Katharina Jung

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Flying High

Flying High

Question time!

Why do you think Sarah had spent so long with only the birds for company?

What led to her being in the room with the birds?

How would you feel if you were Sarah and one day you began to fly?

What happens next to Sarah and the birds?

Perfect picture!

The birds are happy to come out of the cage. What do you think they notice about the room? Can you draw what the birds will see as they’re flying?

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Story starter!

She had spent so long with only the birds for company. Mesmerised by their beauty, Sarah would gaze at them for hours on end, in awe of their weightlessness as they fluttered their wings and rose up; free from the confines of the cage. Perhaps it was because she had watched them so carefully. Perhaps it was because she had wished hard to be as free as they looked when she opened the catch on their tiny prison door. She wasn’t sure why, but one day Sarah rose with the birds as they flew. Little did she know what would happen to her next…

Sentence challenge!

‘their tiny prison door’ is a metaphor referring to the birds’ cage. Can you use a metaphor to describe some other features of the room? Eg. the windows / the birds’ wing

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The birds were free.

Sarah was happy to fly with the birds.

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