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April 14th

Controlling the weather

Photo : Photo courtesy of John Wilhelm,

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Controlling the weather

Controlling the weather

Question time!

What causes the the weather to change in the story? What about in reality?

Can you think of different types of weather and match them up with different feelings that Emily experiences? For example, it is sunny when she is happy.

What is your favourite type of weather and why?

Do Emily’s powers work without the umbrella?

Do Emily’s parents have similar powers do you think?

What problems/benefits are there to Emily’s powers?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw how the picture would look if Emily was:

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Story starter!

Ever since she was little, Emily could control the weather. Whenever she felt sad it started to rain…

Sentence challenge!

Can you include a complex sentence containing a main clause and a subordinate clause?

Can you separate the clauses using a comma?

Can you use one of the following conjunctions to link your clauses: but, or, yet, so, because, and…

Emily was feeling extremely sad, so

She was angry that she had been left out, and

Being outside often cheered Emily up, yet

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Emily held the umbrella. Emily looked up at the cloud. Rain was coming down. She was sad.

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