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April 13th

An upward struggle

Photo : Photo courtesy of Lukasz Warzecha,

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An upward struggle

An upward struggle

Question time!

What are the challenges that Lara faces during her long climb?

Have you ever been climbing? What emotions might Lara be experiencing as she climbs?

Can you think of any other hobbies that are dangerous?

Why do you think some people enjoy potentially dangerous activities such as this?

Where in the world might this photograph have been taken?

What safety precautions do you think Lara has taken for her climb?

Perfect picture!

Can you research and then draw the equipment a climber might need to embark on a climb as difficult as this?

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Story starter!

Lara let out a gasp as she reached up for the next finger hold. She could feel the sun on her shoulders; only halfway up the climb and her skin was slick with sweat.

She could taste the saltiness of her own sweat as it dripped down onto her lips, making the dust that escaped from the rock stick to her face like a mask. Another grunt escaped from Lara’s mouth as she strained her muscles once again, preparing for another lunge towards the top, and victory.

Despite the pain, Lara loved climbing, but she had never climbed anything as steep as this before…

Sentence challenge!

Think about how Lara feels at the beginning, middle and end of her climb.

Can you describe her ascent up the cliff face in three stages, focusing on how her mind and body are feeling at each stage?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Lara held on to the rock. She was tired. She was determined. She was sweaty. Her muscles ached.

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