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December 6th

A New World

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Johansson

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A New World

A New World

Question time!

Do you think technology is a good thing or a bad thing? Can it be both?

Would you rather live in a city or in the countryside?

What can we do in the future to look after our planet? What do you do already?

If you could ask the world a question, what would it be?

Perfect picture!

Think about what the perfect place to live would look like. Would it be a city or a village or in the countryside? Draw or write what you have imagined.

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Story starter!

The grass is disappearing… The lonely, pleading trees and plants are vanishing…Wildlife all around me is reluctantly surrendering to a new enemy. Nature is being consumed. My friends are leaving. Soon it will be my turn.

Earth is being transformed into a modern age of grey. It seems to be what people want; roads, skyscrapers and machines. ‘Technology’ they call it. A ‘modern age’ they say it will be.

I often see people walking past, casually picking a leaf from my branches not even thinking about what they are doing. I’ve heard stories of people chopping down trees by the thousand. I’ve heard stories of whole mountains of rubbish; towers of unwanted waste that nobody knows what to do with. I’m not sure people truly understand the consequences of all their actions, of all these new towns and cities.

It makes me sad. My friends and I might not be around forever. Does anyone care?

Who/what do you think is saying these things? What is happening to the World?

Can you continue the story? You could write in the first person, expressing the ‘thing’s’ emotions at having his/her home taken away.

You could do a piece of persuasive writing about ‘Saving the Planet’ or ‘Protecting our World’ or ‘The Importance of Recycling’.

Alternatively, you could write a balanced argument: ‘How important is technology to human beings?’

You could even do a newspaper report about how humans are destroying the planet.

Sentence challenge!

Can you include a complex sentence containing a main clause and a subordinate clause?

Can you separate the clauses using a comma?

Can you use one of the following conjunctions to link your clauses: but, or, yet, so?

e.g. He had once been blissfully happy in this place, but now everything was changing.

Sick sentences!

This sentence is ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The big zip was pulling the big buildings over the grass.

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