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March 14th

A Musical World

Photo : Photo courtesy of Jerico Santander

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A Musical World

A Musical World

Question time!

If our world was like this, how would our lives be different?

Which musical instrument do you think would make the best world to live on?

What do you think might grow on the guitar next?

What do you think is inside the guitar?

What is your favourite type of music?

Perfect picture!

Think of another musical instrument, and imagine a new world grows from it. Can you draw or describe what this new world might look like?

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Story starter!

Every time a musical note is played, by anyone, anywhere, Music World grows. Just a tiny bit at a time.

Glorious, green mountains rise up; bubbling streams flow from the frets, and twisting trees form from the strings.

This is just the beginning: who can tell what instrument will transform into a host of new life when the next note is struck?

Can you continue the tale? What is about to happen? Which instrument is about to burst into life?

It might help if you draw the instrument first!

You could write a newspaper report, reporting about this strange new world!

Alternatively, you could do an acrostic poem about a musical instrument!

Sentence challenge!

Can you use colons in your writing?

Using a colon for a list, e.g. The piano’s keys contain all sorts of wonders: golden beaches, dense jungles, tiny rock pools and even small villages!

Using a colon to add an independent clause, e.g. The saxophone world is even more exciting: a ski resort sits right at the very top!

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

A big tree with big branches grows out of the top. Volcanoes go out of the base.

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