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May 29th

Let’s leave…

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Johansson www.erikjohanssonphoto.com

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Let’s leave…

Let’s leave…

Question time!

Where do the bubbles take you?

Do they always take you to the same place?

Can you control where the bubbles take you?

Which is heavier, the bubble-making liquid or the bubble?

Which is heavier, a balloon or a bubble?

Is a balloon heavier when it is full of air or before it’s blown up?

Perfect picture!

Think carefully about where the bubble might be taking her. Think about what she would see when she gets there. Can you write or draw what you have imagined?

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Story starter!

Carefully picking up the giant bubble-maker and dipping it into the enormous pot of bubble-making liquid was a satisfying feeling. She loved the way it felt when she dipped and scooped and dipped and scooped until she had a perfect, crystal clear circle of liquid inside the circular head of the bubble-maker. Looking into the red and blue rusted pot, she could see the transparent liquid gently sloshing around inside. There was a soapy film that sat on the top of the liquid, and in that soapy film she could see a reflection of the clouds as they manoeuvred their way across the navy-blue sky.

She had discovered the magical powers of these bubbles when she was a girl. As there was only a limited amount of the precious bubble-making liquid, she had used it wisely and sparingly (only when she really needed it).

These bubbles were different from any other bubbles, because they had the power to…

Can you continue the story of the girl and the bubbles? Begin by finishing the sentence above, describing what power the magic bubbles have.

Sentence challenge!

Can you use a colon to mark the boundary between independent clauses?

E.g. It was incredibly exciting: the bubbles took me on an exciting adventure to a place far away.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The lady in the dress was scared.

She went on a journey to a place.

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