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January 27th

Air Hotel 3000

Photo : Photo courtesy of Erik Almas

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Air Hotel 3000

Air Hotel 3000

Question time!

What features do you think this new type of hotel has?

How is it similar/different to hotels/holidays we go on today?

How many people do you think can travel on the Air Hotel 3000?

Where do you think it might be heading on its voyage?

Who is flying it? How is it controlled?

How do you think the hotel is powered?

How do you think it lands?

Perfect picture!

Can you design a futuristic hotel? Try to make it as luxurious or exciting as possible!

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Story starter!

It is the year 3000, and the new ‘Air Hotel 3000’ is embarking on its maiden trip!

Can you write an advertisement for this new type of hotel? It might be a poster or a leaflet.

You could even do a newspaper article reporting on its first outing, perhaps interviewing some of the passengers on board!

Consider the following questions:

Sentence challenge!

Insert the inverted commas into the sentence below.

One of the passengers remarked this is the most exciting holiday I’ve ever been on!

Can you use speech in your writing today? It might be direct or reported. Remember to use inverted commas where necessary.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better.

The Air Hotel 3000 is very big. It can carry lots of people. It has a swimming pool. It has big bedrooms for the guests.

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