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September 19th

The Glass House

Photo : Photo courtesy of Tom Fruin, One Big Photo.

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The Glass House

The Glass House

Question time!

Why has the house been built there? Who will be using it?

Why do you think Sarah chose that location for her rainbow glass house to be made?

What do you think Sarah’s job is? Is this the only building she has designed?

If you were to create your own glass house, where would you build it and how would you like it to be used?

Perfect picture!

Can you imagine what is inside the glass house? Draw some items of furniture you might expect to find there or on a plan of the house.

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Story starter!

Silently, Sarah pressed the switch and took a deep breath. Colours filled the house as beams of light hit the coloured panes of glass. It was just as she has hoped for, just as she had imagined. Carefully, turned a full circle to take in the rainbow world she had designed and created. She knew it was going to become a special place for the people of this enormous city.

Sentence challenge!

Beginning a sentence with an adverb can give your reader a real sense of how the action is taking place in your story. Can you complete these ‘ly’ sentences?

Cautiously, Sarah…

Surprisingly, the lights...

Remarkably, the glass house…

Sick sentences!

The lights were on in the glass house. It was beside the bridge. It was small.

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