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December 26th

Turn over a new leaf…

Photo : Photo courtesy of Hardi Budi, 1X.

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Turn over a new leaf…

Turn over a new leaf…

Question time!

Do all trees lose their leaves during Autumn?

What is meant by the phrase “turn over a new leaf?”

What would you ask the leaf of truth?

Who is the character in the picture?

Where are they standing?

Perfect picture!

What does the rest of the land where the picture is taken look like? Can you draw a picture to show me?

Story starter!

As the leaf began to gently quiver upon her hand, she felt the initial rush of hope. Could it be possible? Was this really the fabled leaf of truth? She needed a question to ask, something to try out the leaf’s supposed revelatory properties. Inspired by the barren landscape, a question gradually formed within her tired mind. A sudden warmth spread out from the leaf, followed quickly by a faint hiss – then, as if touched by an ethereal hand, the symbol of truth began to rise upwards.

Sentence challenge!

Can you use adjectives in your writing to create a clear image in the reader’s mind?

Can you use adjectives before nouns?

Can you use adjectives after nouns?

e.g. The small, mysterious leaf rose up from her clammy, open palm.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Without warning the leaf jumped up. What was that? Shila screamed?

The leafs were lying everywhere across the dry land.

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