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November 2nd

The Bright Light

Photo : Photo courtesy of Chris Cold

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The Bright Light

The Bright Light

Question time!

What is this light?

Who is the character in the picture?

Where are they?

What will happen when he reaches the light?

Would you like to go up into space?

Do you think humans will ever live in space?

Perfect picture!

What is beyond the bright light? Draw a picture of what might be there!

Story starter!

The large room was cold and damp. Breathing in deeply, he stared up at the bright light, which looked close but he knew it was far away. With steady fingers, he adjusted the special backpack on his shoulders. He had to reach the light soon. He hit the power button on the backpack and felt his feet leave the ground…

Sentence challenge!

Can you use adverbs in your writing to describe how something is done?

Can you use adverbs before nouns?

Can you use adverbs after nouns?

e.g. Carefully, the man climbed towards the bright light.

The man carefully climbed towards the bright light.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The door was black Heavy and rusted.

There is bugs everywhere.

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