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August 11th

Stilt Town

Photo : Photo courtesy of Petur Antonsson www.artstation.com/artist/paacart

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Stilt Town

Stilt Town

Question time!

Why can it be difficult to walk from one side of town to another?

Is it always difficult?

What do you think the perks are of living in Stilt Town?

What might the disadvantages be?

Why is it called Stilt Town?

If you lived in Stilt Town, which house would you most like to reside in?

Which house would you least like to reside in?

What materials do you think the Town is made from?

Where do they get their food from?

Do they have electricity?

Perfect picture!

Are the inhabitants of Stilt Town human or not? Can you draw a picture of one of them?

Story starter!

The boy made his way along the narrow, rickety bridge. Reaching the other side of the town was sometimes difficult, especially in a high wind.

There were perks to living out on the ocean, but there were also disadvantages. Jack often wondered what life on the mainland would be like, what other children his age might be doing. Did they look the the same as him? Did they enjoy the same things he enjoyed? Or, was he missing out on everything that growing up in a normal town would bring?

Sentence challenge!

Can you find the questions I have used in the story starter?

Imagine Jack has never been to the mainland. Can you make a list of questions that he might be thinking about?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Jack lived in a town. It was not like most towns. It was in the sea. It had strange houses. They were all different.

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