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September 23rd

The Curious Parrot

Photo : Photo courtesy of Yifei Zheng, One Big Photo.

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The Curious Parrot

The Curious Parrot

Question time!

Where is the photographer taking his picture?

How did the photographer get so close to the parrot without it flying away?

What do you think the photographer would be thinking? If the bird could speak, what would it say?

Perfect picture!

The parrot is very close to the camera. What will happen when the photographer takes the photograph? Can you draw what happens next?

Story starter!

The bird’s eyes were gold coins, shining brightly in the reflection of the camera’s long lens. Holding his breath, the photographer pressed lightly on the button to capture this magical moment. Click, click, click. Neither the parrot nor the photographer moved. Curiosity enveloped them both as they examined each other closely. Suddenly, the peace was disturbed…

Sentence challenge!

‘The bird’s eyes were gold coins’ is a metaphor. Describing the bird’s eyes as gold coins helps the reader imagine their shape and size. Can you create a metaphor using something else in the picture?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need help to get better.

The bird looked into the camera lens. The photographer kept very still.

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