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July 26th

The Ice Man

Photo : Photo courtesy of Phyllis Clarke www.1x.com

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The Ice Man

The Ice Man

Question time!

How is the winter in the story different to a normal winter?

What do you think a ‘normal’ winter is?

What do you think the Ice Man will do?

What powers does he possess?

Are there other characters like him?

Where has he come from?

Will winter end? What would happen if the spring came?

What do you like about winter? What activities can you do in winter that you can’t do in summer?

Can you name any sports in the Winter Olympics?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what you think the Ice Man looks like?

Story starter!

It was a bitterly cold morning. The world was locked in a wintery battle, with a whirlwind of frost and snow marching all over the countryside.

This winter was different to a normal winter. This winter was coming alive.

The Ice Man turned his frosted face from side to side, and stretched and flexed his icy fingers…

Sentence challenge!

Can you draw a picture of the Ice Man?

Can you make a list of adjectives to describe him?

Can you write a sentence to describe him walking, using some of your adjectives? Try to use interesting vocabulary. You could attempt to improve the sick sentences.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The man walked down the hill. He had cold hands and a cold face. His hair flowed down his back.

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