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June 23rd


Photo : Photo courtesy of Flew Designs

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Question time!

Who has brought the scroll to the samurai?

What does the scroll contain?

Why is the samurai dressed as he is?

What will he do now that he has received the message?

Who is the message from?

Is he the only character dressed like this?

What is he carrying on his back?

What might the symbol mean?

Perfect picture!

Imagine your job was to design armour. Draw or describe what the perfect suit of armour might look like.

Story starter!

The scroll had arrived; carrying the news he had been dreading. Patiently, the messenger beat his wings, hovering, waiting for further orders.

He took a moment for the news to sink in. The time for talking was over.

He felt a knot of fear in his stomach, but this fear was a good sign. Fear meant he was alert. Fear meant his mind was sharp.

As he stepped forward boldly, a sign of his confidence in his own strength, bright rays of morning sunlight glistened and danced across his midnight black armour. Honour, loyalty, courage: these were the values of the samurai, and they meant more to him than anything.

It was time…

Sentence challenge!

Independent clauses can be simple sentences on their own.

Can you use a semi-colon to mark the boundary between independent clauses?

E.g. It was a beautiful day; sunlight poured down through the clouds.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The samurai wore armour and carried his swords. The wasp flew towards him.

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