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September 21st


Photo : Photo courtesy of Annette Ohlendorf, 1X.

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Question time!

Who does the house across the street belong to? Does Amelie know them?

What will be revealed when the curtain is drawn back?

What part of the world do you think this story is set in? Look for clues in the picture.

Who do you think Amelie lives with? How old do you think she is?

What is causing the house to be uprooted? Who is controlling these events?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of Amelie as she watches through her bedroom window? Think about how old she might be, and what her facial expression might show.

Story starter!

Amelie stared out in disbelief. Despite the incessant drip, drip, drip of the rain as it continued to attack her bedroom window, she couldn't tear her eyes from the bizarre events unfolding outside.

Just a minute or so earlier, Amelie had been staring out into the street enjoying the peaceful and familiar sight of ordinary life as it passed her by. Now, however, she simply couldn't believe what was happening; the house belonging to a very pleasant family across the road had suddenly been thrust up into the air! It was now swaying in mid air!

Much to Amelie's horror, the curtains were then thrown wide open...

Sentence challenge!

Can you think of verbs to describe what the house is doing? E.g. swaying, soaring.

Can you then think of adverbs to describe the verbs? E.g. dangerously, violently

Can you write a sentence using a verb and an adverb?

Can you use the adverb in a different place in another sentence?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need your help to get better!

The house went up. It moved from side to side. The sky was grey. Amelie was worried.

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